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From closets to kitchens, garages to offices, there is no space that’s unworthy of saving. Through independent work or with client collaboration, SOS will sort, edit, and organize the spaces in your home and save you from an unorderly mess. I can take any area that has been overtaken by…well… let’s face it, LIFE, and turn it into a calm, organized, and functional space specifically designed to meet your needs.

SOS takes care of the entire process, from purging to planning and shopping to organizing, system installation and labeling. Are you ready to save your space? Are you ready to make lasting and attainable changes to organize your home and life? SOS is ready to rescue!


Declutter&  Organize

Decluttering & Organizing

(home, storage, and businesses)

Moving Services &
New Home Set-Up

Maintenance &
Upkeep Sessions

Decluttering and Organizing

The Process

The Distress Call

All projects begin with an in-home consultation. I assess your space and we discuss your areas of concern and your goals for the project. We then work together to create a plan of action to save your space.


The sort, edit and organize step is when the REAL fun begins. We use a hands-on approach to uncover the issues, develop solutions, and then see the impact of what saving your space has on you.

We begin with a sort and edit of items to determine what stays and what goes. Everything comes out of the space and we consider each item to determine which best support your lifestyle and which are just drowning you. If you decide to work side-by-side with me, my role is to keep you focused, efficient, and prevent you from getting overwhelmed. If I am working on my own, I am sorting according to the plan that we developed together.

After the sorting and editing is complete, I begin the organizing to save your space. I create personalized storage solutions to maximize the space and its efficiency, finding a place for all of your things.

Staying Afloat

The final step is maintenance. How do you avoid drowning again? Having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place, will keep your space clutter free and safe from going under again. In addition, I will give you tips and techniques, specific to you, which you can use to maintain the order long term.

During the entire process, my goal is to create a calm and easygoing presence. Given the nature of the work, I understand it can be difficult to let someone into your home and have them go through all of your things.

A high level of trust is required from our clients and you can be assured of 100% confidentiality when working with Shayne’s Organizing Solutions.

Before & After


This couple just moved into their new home and needed help right away! One wire rack around the perimeter was not going to cut it and keep them organized. Also, with a lot of wasted space in their closet layout, they needed more storage, drawers, shoe organization and a hanging solution. Using up the whole space and get more out of the area was the goal.

After measuring, designing and meetings I was able to build them their dream closet!

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